How Can Internet Marketing Improve Your Business?

Internet Marketing makes it easier for prospects to find you.

The Internet has become the primary resource people use to find information – it has replaced the yellow pages, the newspaper and the mail order catalog for much of the world.  A Yahoo/Comscore study shows that 89% of consumers search for products online.  If you don’t have a presence on the Internet or, even more importantly, if you can’t be found easily, then to most of your prospective customers, you don’t exist.  The good news is that if you can position yourself in front of the steady stream of interested prospects surfing the web for your product or service, your business can grow and thrive, even in these challenging economic times.  Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), potential customers will find you by the phrases they use to search for topics in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Internet Marketing offers speed and flexibility

Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising offers the ability to start generating leads right away and have real time control over your budget, ad placement and targeting.  In addition to being a powerful lead generation tool, Pay-Per-Click advertising is an excellent testing platform that allows you to test market offers and messages quickly and inexpensively.  Internet Marketing allows you to test your marketing messages and advertisements in real time – giving you the opportunity to  make adjustments and refine your message quickly based on what’s working in your market.  Through other tools like email and web analytics, prospects can be identified, grouped and get a custom experience based upon any number of criteria. Would you like to offer a complementary product or upsell a customer based upon what they are viewing or have viewed previously on your site? Would you like to test a marketing campaign prior to a full-out launch, and test it to a specific demographic slice? The Internet is an extremely powerful marketing channel that allows this kind of flexibility.

Internet Marketing unleashes the power of the referral

Social Media can turn existing customers, employees and partners into “raving fan” referral machines. Why are referrals so valuable? The referrer uses their trust and relationship with their social network to endorse you and your products. Social Networking is the foundation for effective marketing campaigns to go viral.

Pulling it all together

Integrating the primary Internet Marketing Methods under a cohesive strategy can produce far greater results than when the methods are used independently.

The Internet Marketing Trifecta

The big 3 of Internet Marketing are SEO, PPC, and Social Media.  These methods together form the Internet Marketing Trifecta – a marketing and business building engine that can drive your business and profit growth faster than you’ve ever seen!

The key to the Trifecta’s power is the multiplicative nature of the components working in concert with each other.  As you create and distribute marketing collateral, the impact is magnified because you create once and distribute in 3 directions.  Furthermore, there is a ripple effect with much of the distribution due to redistribution which happens with high quality content in SEO and Social Media.  So as other people like or forward your content it is being distributed again and again, which only serves to extend your reach and influence.  Since reach and influence both affect SEO and Social Media, your success begets success by helping your search rankings and social media reach.  The Trifecta allows you to fully leverage the creative effort you put into your marketing by getting the maximum return on your investment.

The foundation of great marketing is relationship and connection. The Internet provides a way to connect with and build relationships with many people at once. We believe the Web is an excellent medium for Marketing, which is why we focus on it. The benefits include:

Internet Marketing is complementary to other traditional forms of marketing, so you don’t have to choose one over the other.

Internet Marketing components

An effective Internet marketing strategy includes some or all of the following:

When these components are deployed properly, your business can experience a tremendous increase in quality leads and conversion of leads to customers.

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