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Start generating leads immediately… and maintain total control over your ad budget and flow of new business!

Imagine putting an ad on a billboard promoting your product or service that started bringing in prospects immediately.  What if you could choose to only show your ad on that billboard when someone interested in seeing your ad was going to see it?  What if you only had to pay for the ad space on that billboard if someone actually came to your shop as a result of seeing it?  Imagine being able to adjust how often your ad shows on that billboard (to interested prospects only) by setting a specific budget so that you could easily control the flow of prospects coming into your business.  All of this is possible with Pay-Per-Click advertising.

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising?

PPC is a results-based advertising model where you only pay when someone takes action on your ad, versus the traditional exposure model of print, radio or TV where you pay for eyeballs seeing (or ears hearing) the ad, regardless of whether they take action or not. PPC leverages the simplicity of traditional paid advertising with the speed and flexibility of online advertising.

Why PPC rather than traditional advertising?

PPC offers three distinct advantages over traditional advertising.

First, PPC is fast.  You can set up a campaign and begin generating leads right away.  Most traditional advertising has lead times for publication or distribution so it can take weeks or months before your ad shows up in front of prospective customers.

Second, PPC allows for search based advertising, which means your ads show up based upon specific search terms known as keywords. For example, if you were a dentist in Austin, you’d be advertising for keywords such as, “Austin dentist” or “dentists in Austin, Texas”. This way, you’re advertising directly to people looking for what you offer, as your ad will only appear to those who have searched for these specific key words. This targeted marketing means that you won’t be wasting your time advertising to tons of people not looking for you, while hoping that the few who are looking for you will see your ad at some point. Another huge benefit of this search based model is the state of mind the person is in when they are searching. They are in action mode; they are looking for something specific right now. If someone is looking for dentists in Austin, they probably want to make an appointment with a dentist soon, maybe right now. If you write your ads and offers with this in mind, you can get much better results than are typical with traditional advertising.

The third advantage is that you only pay when someone takes action, which also means that they are somewhat interested in what you are offering. They’ve metaphorically “walked into your shop” because of the offer you had outside the door. If your offer is done right, you’ll dissuade non-qualified prospects while attracting qualified ones. Sticking with the Austin dentist example, let’s say you’re a cosmetic dentist in Austin—you would write your ads to focus specifically on cosmetic procedures. A person looking for a root canal isn’t likely to select your ad, but a person interested in teeth whitening or veneers will. The ability to directly target your ideal prospects and only pay for qualified ones makes the PPC model much more efficient and effective than most traditional advertising methods. Having said that, we believe that you should use any type of advertising that works so if you’re already doing traditional advertising, and getting results, there’s no need to abandon it. You can add PPC into your marketing program and then test it against the traditional methods to see which works best for your business. Many times, online marketing tactics can work alongside traditional marketing, and when coordinated properly, they can both improve the results of the other.

Why Frontier for PPC?

Here at Frontier Marketing, we provide a turnkey PPC solution from account setup to ongoing management and optimization. We’re also Google Adwords Certified and we have experience with all of the major PPC platforms, including Google Adwords, MS Adcenter and Facebook.

Personal Attention

We provide each client with an account executive dedicated to understanding your business goals and to helping you reach those goals with your PPC campaigns. Our account executives understand each client has different needs. We will customize a PPC campaign that will suit your company’s needs for optimal results.

Our account executives regularly review and optimize your PPC accounts to make sure that you’re getting results. As a results-driven marketing team, our goal is to increase exposure as well as prospect engagement, so we test continuously. This includes split testing ads, headlines, body copy, landing pages and calls to action.

This testing is part of the market research process. To ensure the advertisements we create will get you the results you want, we conduct split testing, allowing us to see what the most effective form of advertising will be for your market. Along with our market research, we originate headline and body copy, landing pages and calls to action. Our team understands the importance of engaging users, and we want to grab the audience’s attention as soon as possible. For this reason, we employ a team of talented writers and editors who understand the importance of audience interaction and the value of engagement.

You’ll own your PPC accounts, and we’ll manage them for you. Many of our competitors won’t give you access to the accounts, in an effort to keep you tied to their services. We do things a little differently at Frontier – we give you access to the accounts as well as all of the analytics data. We rely on our results to keep you happy and continuing to work with us, so we don’t need to have any limitations on your access or ownership.

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