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Imagine having a surfboard shop right in the middle of the boardwalk on one of the most visited beaches on the planet.  All day long, the waves roll in from the ocean onto the beach while the vacationers enjoy the sun and play in the surf.  You eagerly wake up every morning to the sound of the seagulls chirping outside your beautiful beachfront home and make the short trek  to your surf shop because you know that those vacationers will pour into your shop today, like they do every day, looking to buy or rent a surfboard.  You are grateful over your good fortune to have a business in exactly the right location with the product your customers are looking for right when they want it.  The Internet can recreate this scenario for your business, so that all day long, prospective customers pour into your website looking for exactly what you offer.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of positioning your business so that you are right there in front of your best prospects when they are looking online for the products or services you offer.  This is done by understanding how the search engines work and what they look for to identify high quality content. Research shows that websites that show up on the first page of search results get most of the traffic. Frontier Marketing works to put you in front of customers that are looking for the very things you offer.

Understanding your Business Purpose

The most critical step in SEO is to understand how to best apply it to your business. Determining what you want to accomplish online, who your audience is, and how your products or services meet their needs lays the foundation for successful SEO. For SEO to be effective, it must align your business purpose and value proposition with your customers’ needs.

Optimizing your Website

The next step in SEO is website optimization. This is where all the tips and tricks about how the different search engines score content are used. Search Engines use complicated algorithms that track and measure over 200 items to score the quality of web pages. Frontier Marketing uses advanced tools and techniques to maximize your score and land you on the first page and keep you there.

Having a highly optimized site that shows up in front of the right people won’t do you much good if it can’t convert them from prospects into customers.  Your website should be designed so that it’s easy for your customers to navigate and find what they need. An effective, customer friendly website should:

  • Educate Consumers about your products and services
  • Build Customers’ trust in your business
  • Allow and encourage Customers to opt in to your “list” for future marketing

Communicating your message clearly and in a compelling way is critical to establishing trust and converting strangers into prospects and prospects into customers.

“Never approach a bull
from the front, a horse
from the rear or a fool
from any direction.”
– Cowboy proverb

Creating Content

Websites with high authority have great content that users want to see. The trick is to write good content that is clear and makes sense for users (user optimization) and is also search engine optimized. Frontier Marketing works with you to create high quality content that captures your unique selling proposition and present that information in the way that users are looking for it.

Building Credibility through Link Development

Search engines treat links to your web pages like votes. The more votes you have, the higher your page ranks. Link Development is used to increase your “popularity” with the search engines by identifying linking opportunities and garnering links from other relevant sites pointing back to you. An added benefit of good link development is more exposure and traffic for your site from the sites linking to yours. Frontier Marketing can help you get more eyeballs on your content.

Is SEO more important than Traditional Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing are highly measurable, cost effective tools in marketing your business. Frontier Marketing believes the best approach is integrating Internet Marketing with traditional print and media marketing to get the best of both worlds.

Does my business need SEO?

Most businesses can benefit from SEO. Millions of people use the Internet every day to research, comparison shop, find solutions to problems, and find products and services to fill their needs. For the consumer the Internet is non-confrontational, is always on, and provides immediate results. For you it allows content to be changed easily and the results to be measured. Frontier Marketing believes in bringing flexibility and value to our customers, and Internet Marketing is the best channel for both.

Why use Frontier Marketing for SEO?

Frontier Marketing combines experience in using the Internet and digital media to market products and services coupled with deep business operations experience. We believe the best marketing initiatives clearly communicate the capabilities and passions of your business in a compelling way that connects with the needs and desires of your customers. Frontier Marketing is uniquely positioned to deliver practical, creative marketing solutions to you.

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