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What stops you from scrolling through your mail, news feed, and Tweets?

  • An infographic showing the increase in elective surgeries in the U.S.
  • News about your neighborhood’s July 4th parade.
  • Sumptuous photographs of this year’s Top 10 Sports Cars.

The answer? Great content. That is, a page worth reading because it matters to you.

Great content delights customers

Great content stops customers in their tracks because it’s relevant to their lives right now. Your customers are increasingly savvy when it comes to filtering through the continual barrage of internet news and information. They’re looking for content that truly informs and entertains them – and gives them something cool that they can share with their friends.

Great content makes search engines ecstatic

Great content makes Google, Bing, and Yahoo very happy. These search engine giants demand dynamic, up-to-date, high quality content that answers people’s questions.

Search engines use complicated algorithms involving clicks, keywords and GPS to identify what’s relevant to each searcher. The end result is that they reward great content by pushing it to the top of search results.

A unique approach

Frontier Marketing takes a hyper-local approach to content creation. We research and learn everything about what actually captivates and motivates each of your target customers. Every piece of our content must be fascinating, micro-focused, and answer yes to the question “Is this content worth the customer’s time, even if they aren’t buying?”

Superior content makes you the authority in your field

We create attractive content that proves without a doubt that you are a highly valuable source of information, and that your product or service is precisely what your target audience wants and needs.

Our writers and editors research and brainstorm topics that pique the interest of your ideal customers. We write engrossing blogs and compelling site pages which speak directly to your local market. We also create timely, clickable content that provides useful tips, practical do-it-yourself instructions, helpful reminders, shareable graphics and entertaining lists.

Every piece of content is reviewed and approved by you, posted online, shared and promoted using powerful social media platforms.

Staying current and providing valuable content that keeps your customers engaged on a continual basis takes training and more time than most business owners and practitioners can spare. Frontier has the training and the time, and we’d love to do it for you. Give us a call.

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