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Start Generating Profit Immediately with Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing, or PPC, is the hands-down fastest way to get traffic to your website so you can generate leads and gain new customers. PPC ads are the ads you see when you’re on searching online, checking your Facebook newsfeed, or watching a Youtube video.

Unlike traditional advertising, you don’t pay a dime for someone to see your PPC ad. You only pay when someone clicks on it – and lands on your site.

Better yet, you decide beforehand how much you want to pay for that click. But the best part of PPC is that you dictate precisely who is seeing your ad, where, and even when they see it.

The only problem with PPC marketing?

Effective PPC marketing takes experience and knowledge. Most business owners (and even marketing managers) do not have the time or knowledge to create, manage and monitor a successful PPC campaign.

With Frontier Marketing, you get a PPC campaign that’s been customized for your business and goals, from account setup to ongoing management and optimization. Frontier is a Certified Google Partner and is BingAds Certified, offering professional experience in all PPC platforms.

Why Should you Consider PPC?


Fast Advertising

Pay Per Click Marketing is fast. You can set up a campaign and begin generating leads right away.


Exact Targeting

PPC allows you to target people looking for exactly what you offer.


Sell Prospects Again

You can re-target people who have visited your website, giving you another “bite at the apple”.


Targeted ROI

You only pay when someone takes action. In other words, only when they click on your ad.

Why Frontier for PPC?

At Frontier Marketing, we provide a turnkey PPC solution from account setup to ongoing management and optimization. We’re also a Certified Google Partner & BingAds Certified and we have experience with all of the major PPC platforms, including Google Adwords, BingAds, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Shopping & more.

We Focus on Business Profitability

We provide each client with an account executive dedicated to understanding your business goals and to helping you reach those goals with your PPC campaigns. Our account executives understand each client has different needs. We will customize a PPC campaign that will suit your company’s needs for optimal results.

We Relentlessly Optimize

Our account executives regularly review and optimize your PPC accounts to make sure that you’re getting results. As a results-driven marketing team, our goal is to increase exposure as well as prospect engagement, so we test continuously. This includes split testing ads, headlines, body copy, landing pages and calls to action.


This testing is part of the market research process. To ensure the advertisements we create will get you the results you want, we conduct split testing, allowing us to see what the most effective form of advertising will be for your market. Along with our market research, we originate headline and body copy, landing pages and calls to action. Our team understands the importance of engaging users, and we want to grab the audience’s attention as soon as possible. For this reason, we employ a team of talented writers and editors who understand the importance of audience interaction and the value of engagement.

You’ll Own your PPC Accounts

Many of our competitors won’t give you access to the accounts, in an effort to keep you tied to their services. We do things a little differently at Frontier – we give you access to the accounts as well as all of the analytics data. We rely on our results to keep you happy and continuing to work with us, so we don’t need to have any limitations on your access or ownership.