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Looking for a time-proven way to increase exposure, generate leads, and even find loyal customers?

Facebook is still where it’s at. It may feel like it’s been around for eons, but make no mistake: Facebook is far from a stale marketing platform.

The power of the social media giant can’t be denied.  Just look at the numbers:

  • 60 million – the number of business pages
  • 1 billion daily active users
  • Nearly 80% the percentage of online Americans with Facebook profiles
  • 50 minutes per day – the amount of time the average American spends on Facebook
  • 85% – the percentage of active daily users outside the U.S. and Canada

60 million business pages may sound like a lot of competition. Should you even bother?

The truth is, it’s no longer enough to simply have a Facebook business page because people aren’t necessarily going to find you that way. You need to do more to get your company in front of your potential customers’ eyes.

You need Facebook ads.

And there’s good news: Only 4 million businesses are taking advantage of this service.

An effective Facebook ad is your chance to stand out from your competition, so your business can shine.

This is why you should be advertising on Facebook.

Facebook ads can provide you with the extra exposure you can’t find anywhere else. With unbelievable global reach (Remember, 85% of active daily users are outside the U.S. and Canada.), you can tap into a steady stream of customers—whether they’re across town or across the Pacific.

Facebook ads are highly targeted. You already know your demographics, so harness them to your advantage. Use location, age, gender, interests, behavior, and connections to get your ad in front of your ideal customers. Facebook lets you build custom audiences, and you can even find lookalike audiences to broaden your potential customer base easily and effectively.

Once you’ve got your target audience in place, you can reap the major benefit of Facebook ads: lead generation. Facebook makes it easy to add a customized form to your ad, so you can collect information from people interested in what you’re offering. Facebook’s lead ads even auto-populate your form with the user’s information—easy. And fast.

Not only will you see fast results from your Facebook ads, they’re competitively priced, often cheaper than PPC advertising.

And analytics—boy, does Facebook have analytics. You’ll always know how a particular ad is performing, so it can be fine-tuned, turned off, or turned up when it needs to be.

Of course, if your ad isn’t captivating, no one’s going to care. That’s where Frontier Marketing can help.

Not sure your Facebook prowess can go the distance? That’s why we’re here.

Anyone can slap up a Facebook ad and call it a day, but you want one that looks professional; targets the right customers; and is constantly tweaked, updated, and optimized when necessary, so you get maximum results.

At Frontier Marketing, we accomplish that with a proven strategy:

Step 1: We recognize that every company is different, so we take the time to learn about yours and its unique needs.

Step 2: We use our inside knowledge to come up with a fully customized plan for your business, so you can reap the rewards of one of the most powerful social platforms in existence.

Step 3: We craft highly targeted Facebook ads that allow you to reach the customers most interested in your specific products and services. Well-written copy combined with appealing visuals will attract your customers’ attention and have you standing out from the crowd.

Using effective Facebook ads, Frontier Marketing will guide your prospects through the marketing funnel—from the initial awareness stage all the way to conversion. They’ll be customers in no time.

Let Frontier Marketing put together a comprehensive Facebook advertising strategy for your business.  Contact us today, so we can get started.