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Cut Wasted PPC Dollars with an Awesome Negative Keyword Strategy

Are you shelling out big bucks on PPC, hoping to get people to buy your stuff or set an appointment, but the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is just too high? If you’re looking to get rid of wasted ad dollars, the first place you want to check is the search terms your prospects are using

Slow-Poke Sites Damage Sales: 6 Ways to Speed Up Website Load Times

You’ve spent hours getting every little detail of your site content and design just right, and you finally love the way it looks. But are you neglecting one crucial aspect that could mean the difference between a frustrated user and a converted, happy customer? That crucial aspect is speed. There’s a lot of competition on

What Makes a Bad Website? 8 Aspects That Drive Away Business

You’d have to be living under a rock not to appreciate that just about every business these days can benefit from a website. But simply slapping up a site and calling it a day is not the answer. Perhaps you’ve recently set up a website of your own and have been dutifully promoting it for

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