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Web analytics…Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook Insights, heat mapping, PPC results….. the amount of information it produces can be staggering, but, when harnessed, it’s valuable.

Whether you’re running an eCommerce site or one that’s design to generate leads, it’s important to know all you can about your visitors, so you can give them the best experience and keep them coming back for more.

Here are a few simple, key pieces of information web analytics measure and help you keep track of:

  • How many people filled out a form or bought something?
  • How many people visit your site?
  • What cities, states, or countries are people visiting from?
  • What pages are most popular?
  • What channel people use to find your site?
  • How long do people spend on your site?

All of this is important information, but it’s meaningless if you don’t know what to do with it. How do you use this captured data to create action that improves your bottom line? That’s where the analysis—and Frontier Marketing—comes in.

What Analytics Uncover

You may think you know what’s going on with your website, but the cold, hard numbers can often tell a different story. Website analytics help you understand which aspects of your site are accomplishing what you want them to and which are not. And their discoveries aren’t limited to broad online activities.

Web analytics can tell you:

  • How your latest product launch performed – Was there a sustained uptick in website traffic, or did the numbers quickly flatline?
  • What kind of advertising campaigns are productive and worth your money and which ones you’re better off ditching
  • Which blog posts are successful – Maybe the one you thought was brilliant only drew in a handful of visitors. Don’t linger too long on your disappointment—now you know you’re on the wrong track, and you can correct it.
  • Which of your pages are most popular and how visitors use them – Use this information to optimize your pages, so you get the results you want.

It Goes Way Beyond Numbers

While it may seem like website analytics just comes down to gathering numbers and getting immediate insight, it’s not quite so simple.

First, you have to start with understanding what you want your presence to achieve. Then, you must know which data points help to show whether or not your meeting your goals. For some, it may not matter where visitors live in the world, but those whose products or services are location-based depend on that kind of information for success—so they’ll want to mine it specifically.

Next, you have to be able to gather the data you need. That means setting your site up somewhere like Google Analytics and taking the time to monitor your results.

Speaking of results, once you have them, what do you do with them? What changes and improvements can you make as a result of them that will bring you increased traffic, increased sales, etc.?

How Frontier Marketing Turns Your Data into Gold

The amount of big data your site produces can be overwhelming. Frontier Marketing can take this data and figure out what’s working and what needs fixing on your website.

Step 1: We work with you to hammer out your business goals. Whether your aim is to have visitors use your site as a go-to source for your industry, complete a purchase, or something else, web analytics will be valuable. We’ll figure out what numbers you actually need.

Step 2: We get you set up with all the right tools to measure the minute-by-minute operations of your site.

With your clear business goals in mind, we’ll help you identify your key performance indicators (KPIs)—whether you want to find out the average transaction value, compare new customer orders to returning customer sales, keep an eye on your checkout abandonment rate, or whatever else is important to you.

Step 3: We analyze the data and make it work for you, so what we learn about your site is used to make it better and better. Constant improvement is our goal, helping you help your site convert as many visitors as possible.

Step 4: We help you optimize your webpages, testing alternatives to get the best results. Sometimes simply changing the color of a call-to-action button or shifting your keyword focus can have big results.  It’s all about what matters to you. What information do you need to improve your content and conversions? Soon your site will be filled with useful, attractive content, so you’ll attract the most visitors and offer them a quality experience once they get to you

Let Frontier Marketing put your numbers to work for you. Contact us today to schedule a web analytics consultation.