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Numbers don’t lie. Despite its lack of flash and trendiness, email is now by far the most effective way to convert leads into actual sales. Even better, it’s an extremely cost-effective digital marketing strategy.

Best of all? Email is the way your target customers actually prefer to be contacted – more than by text messages, social networks, or direct mail.

A 4300% return on investment

As a seasoned email user, you already know that you respond better to a business email than you do to a business text message. What’s startling, however, is that email marketing now delivers an ROI of 4300%, according to the Direct Marketing Association. Its effectiveness is rising too – email customer acquisition rates actually quadrupled from 2010-2014.

Businesses often spend a lot of time and money acquiring leads, but do far too little to re-market and transform these leads into cash sales. Email is a very low-cost marketing channel, and our experience has proven time and again that all businesses – local, regional, and national – should be using email marketing tools like newsletters, special offers, events and blog promotion as a primary sales strategy.

These very low-cost channels cultivate your leads, convert them to sales and can also be particularly effective for referral strategy. However, the creation, planning and implementation of email campaigns require a steady hand and continual maintenance that most businesses aren’t equipped to handle.

Frontier Marketing develops email campaigns that work.

  • We develop, verify, manage and grow your email lists.
  • We write attention-getting emails that get opened by your most qualified leads.
  • We speak to your target customers in a voice that resonates with their desires.
  • We create high quality, zero-spam content that’s relevant to your customers, including newsletters, value-packed offers, events, and blog promotions.
  • We manage a delivery schedule that keeps your business on their minds.
  • We conduct all analytics to be sure your emails are maintaining or exceeding your ROI goals.

With help from Frontier Marketing, your business can take a big bite of the sales apple – to turn leads into dollars. Give us a call.

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